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Sofia Bevarly

  Sofia Bevarly is an acclaimed model, American social media star, social media influencer, TikTok star, blogger, and celebrity entertainer. The pics here are taken from her page at and the post here: A Fitness Enthusiast, Sofia Bevarly is one of the youngest and richest Instagram models. Sofia was born in Fort Myers, Florida. Sofia Bevarly has amassed over1.9 million followers on Instagram since she started posting her modeling photos there. Despite some believing Sofia and Dan Bilzerian still being a couple, they separated long ago. After dating for nearly 9 months, it transpired that the pair called it quits. Sofia Bevarly also continues to release nice, engaging photos and videos to her Instagram, Facebook, Twitter profiles, which has helped her gain online popularity. When Net Worth Spot staffers take into consideration revenue sources other than Instagram, Sofia Bevarly is most likely worth over $10m U